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Why Aussie Consultant

Our team consists of members who have gained a Master's degree from acclaimed universities in Australia and Europe. We have valuable experience, not only in an academic institution but in every aspect of life in a foreign land. Our team members are core professional, licensed, and highly qualified consultants and experts in the field of educational counselling. These are part of what we count as a competitive advantage for us. Apart from our team, we have qualified tutors for English Proficiency Tests (PTE and IELTS, TOEFL). Our tutors are the best in the market with everyone holding excellent scores in the tests that they teach.

We, as a company, have managed to deliver exceptional service and assistance that has made our identity and name stand out among our competitors. We have achieved this because of our professional staff and counsellors who have outstanding track records. We are conscious that to compete, we should deliver expected results and fulfil our client expectations. It is what we try to achieve every day of the week.

Aussie Consultant’s team members were international students themselves in the past. They understand what it is like to have accurate information before travelling to a foreign land. These make their experiences and knowledge very valuable for prospective students.

Students come to us because:

  • We have a team of highly qualified education consultants and support staff members that can go all the way to give our clients value for their money and time.
  • As a consulting company that provides all the necessary services from the beginning to the visa process, we have all the essential qualities to succeed. We also provide essential services that students need while living abroad such as medical insurance and others.
  • Aussie Consultant does not charge agent fee for application, so students get all the convenience free of cost.

Understanding our competitive advantages, our strengths, products, services, we have designed marketing strategies that have proved efficient for us. We incorporate the professional track record of our staff, our affiliation with partner institutes, our clients' reviews to market our consulting company.