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Study In The USA

Why The USA?

The USA is one of the most preferred education destinations for international students and is also known as the Land of Opportunity. Quality education coupled with the presence of new-edge technology, updated and flexible curriculum and global recognition of the degree are the traits of US education. According to QS World University Rankings, five universities from the US are in the top 10 list of best universities. Students also choose the USA due to quality lifestyle, geographical diversity, robust economy, culinary culture, healthcare, nature etc.

Benefits Of Studying In The USA

The academic superiority of the US university is unmatched, and it is accepted throughout the world. Universities from the US offer a wide range of subjects and are recognized for spending large amounts of resources and money on research. Due to this reason, stipends are offered to students, and various positions such as research assistant, teaching assistant are available for the students. In addition, students get unrivalled practical experience and skills during their education. The number of courses available for the students is broad and ample. Based on their interests, students can choose courses from another field of subjects as well. Students can explore different courses before declaring their major subject.   

The US is widely known for its swiftness in adopting various new technologies. It is the home of innovation and research. Australia also offers an extensive range of study options for every student. Accounting, Information Technology, Hotel Management, Engineering and various science courses, actuarial courses, business courses and other undergraduate and postgraduate courses are available in the universities and colleges at affordable costs. The US degree is highly recognized by companies and employers from all over the world. Hence, graduating from US universities/colleges opens doors to go anywhere in the world for study or employment purposes.     

The US performs very well in many measures of well-being relative to most other countries. The US ranks at the top in housing and above the average in health status, education and skills, personal rights/security, subjective well-being, environmental quality and civic engagements. It is the home of more than a million international students from more than 170 countries.

Scholarship Opportunities

The US universities and colleges provide a substantial amount of scholarships to international students to help them fund their studies. Apart from this, the USA government also provides many scholarships, grants, stipends and bursaries. Every year, the USA federal government spends more than 3% of the federal budget on education.

The primary criteria for getting this scholarship is your academic score, English proficiency test score, work experiences and other factors such as extracurricular activities and volunteering work. The popular scholarships programs available to international students are the CGS Student Government Scholarships, The U.S Fulbright-Anne Wexler Scholarships, The Forest County Potawatomi Foundation Lois Crowe Scholarship, The HENAAC Scholarship, GFAO Frank, Preply Scholarship etc.

Most scholarships in the USA cover the tuition fees of the universities/colleges, but some may also cover living and travelling expenses. There are many other scholarships available for international students. Also, every university/college offer a unique set of scholarships for international students. Our experienced counsellor will guide and help you apply for all the available scholarships during the application process.

Education System

The education system in the US is divided into four stages: elementary school, middle school, high school, and post-secondary (college). There are three main types of institutions that provide post- secondary studies in the US and they are junior or community colleges, vocational schools and colleges or universities. There are more than 4500 universities and colleges in the US that award a wide range of degrees. Higher education courses are offered from universities, and students can attend on-campus bachelor degrees, postgraduate courses (master and doctoral).

The US Department of Education is the agency that establishes policy for the education sector.

On/Off Campus Work Opportunities:

Most colleges and universities provide on-campus jobs for international students. Students have the opportunity to work on-campus for 20 hours per week during their academic year and up to 40 hours per week in the summer holidays or vacation period. The pay for these works is also enough for students to cover their monthly expenses. The universities offer jobs based on the student's skills and experience. On top of that, they are numerous events held for international, where they can get acquainted with people from other cultures and traditions. These experiences undoubtedly help students to develop confidence and traits that come in handy in their professional careers.

A Step-by-Step Guidance

Our experienced and certified counsellors provide step by step guides to our students. We render end to end services in course selection, universities/college selection, career counselling, SOP workshops and editing, Documentation, visa interview preparation, visa application, pre-departure orientation.