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Study In Canada

Why Canada?

Canada is one of the most attractive destinations for international students. Every year, a large number of international students go to Canada to pursue their further education.

It is home to nearly half a million international students pursuing studies at internationally recognized universities/colleges. Canada offers a quality education at an affordable fee. Universities from Canada regularly feature on the top universities of the world. Some of the best cities, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Quebec, are home to many international students. According to the CEOWORLD magazine 2021 report, Canada ranks at 12th position for the best country for quality of life. Canada is also the 10th most peaceful country in the world, according to Global Peace Index, 2020.

Benefits Of Studying In Canada

Canada provides a wide range of study options for international students with more than 250 institutions. According to QS World University Ranking 2021, Canada has two (2) universities in the top fifty (50). Canadian graduates are highly sought after due to the impressive international reputation of its education system.

Moreover, the courses are highly flexible and equipped with modern technology. Canadian universities and colleges have excellent ratings for teaching quality, research and higher graduate employment rate.

Canada also offers an extensive range of study options for every student. Business and Finance, Information Technology, Hotel Management, Engineering and various science courses, actuarial courses, business courses and other undergraduate and postgraduate courses are available in Canadian universities and colleges. In addition to this, most of the costs for these courses are affordable and reasonably priced. Hence, graduating from a Canadian institution opens doors to go anywhere in the world for study or employment purposes.

Canada is famous for its health care system. Students also enjoy Provincial Health Care System in Canada, which covers basic and preventable medical services. These health care services vary from one province to another.

Canada is a multicultural and diverse country where students can meet different people and make a strong network which would be beneficial in their future. It is home to more than half a million international students from more than 130 countries. Two main languages (English & French) are spoken in Canada. Hence, students have an opportunity to develop language skills as well.

Apart from having world-class education standards, Canada also provides plenty of opportunities for both leisure and pleasure activities. Canada is one country in this world known for its beautiful and scenic landscapes. Approximately 90% of the country is uninhabited with beautiful arboreal forests, mountains, rivers and lakes.

Scholarship Opportunities

Universities in Canada provide numerous scholarships to international students. Apart from this, the Canadian government also offers many scholarships, grants, stipends and bursaries. In addition, Canada spends approximately 5.4% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on education. 10% of the total students in Canada are international students.

The primary criteria’s for getting this scholarship are your academic score, English proficiency test score, work experiences and other factors such as extracurricular activities, and volunteering can also be advantages. The popular scholarships programs available to international students are the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan, Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program, Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship, Ontario Trillium Scholarships etc.

Most scholarships in Canada cover the tuition fees of the universities/colleges, but some may also cover living and travelling expenses. There are many other scholarships available for international students, and some are for underdeveloped countries. Also, every university/college offer a unique set of scholarships for international students. Our experienced counsellor will guide and help you apply for all the available scholarships during the application process.

Education System

The Canadian education system is grouped into four stages. It consists of pre-school or early childhood education, primary or elementary education, secondary education, and post- secondary or tertiary education (colleges/universities). Unlike other countries, Canadian universities do not have any accreditation body that monitors their universities. Instead, the Act of Ministerial Consent from the Ministry of Education of the individual province grant is the degree-granting authority.

Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)</span >

Post-Graduation Work Permit allows students to stay back in Canada after they finish their course. Students are also allowed to work full-time in any occupation, even if, it is unrelated to their studies. The length of the permit varies on the duration of the program a student completes. For example, an undergraduate student who has completed four years degree is eligible for three years of PGWP. It helps international students to gain some practical knowledge and get acquainted with the working culture of Canada, which will further develop their confidence, personality and expertise.

A Step-by-Step Guidance

Our experienced and certified counsellors provide step by step guides to our students. We render end to end services in the course selection, universities/college selection, career counselling, SOP workshops and editing, student documentation, interview preparation, visa application, pre-departure orientation.